evaporative cooler start up El Paso TX

Prep for the summer with our Evaporative Cooler Start Up Service in El Paso, TX!

Dosher Refrigeration specializes in evaporative cooling. In El Paso, TX, evaporative coolers are popular choices to homeowners based on the city's dry climate.

The advantages of evaporative cooler:
Cools air in dry climates
Energy efficient

Evaporative coolers help with energy cost! Proper maintenance of the unit is important to gain the benefits and savings. Look no further than Dosher Refrigeration Inc. to help you with you beat the heat this summer in El Paso, TX.
Evaporative cooler start ups services include:

  • Visual inspection of entire system
  • Inspection that includes: checking belts, pumps, motors and electrical components.

The unit is completely cleaned and cooler pads replaced as needed. A final test for proper operation and air flow will be performed and the equipment owner will be briefed on all results.

Why Chose Dosher Refrigeration, Inc

1. Locally Owned
2. Highly Experienced and Licensed
3. Honest Pricing
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